Programming for cinema rooms, man caves or whole house automation. I have what it takes to get the project running with minimal fuss.




With experience of the corporate climate, I know exactly what it’s like to deal with the strict programs and internal politics that makes our job unique. Having to cater for all requirements and keeping things flexible in case of that inevitable change is key.




Public Sector

Whether it be universities, government offices or military installations that require deep security checks, I have experience that will help me, help you.



Call me on 07411 14200007411 142000



I take my role as a consultant to integration partners very different from an agency programmer. I have years of experience in both commercial, residential and public sector. Using this experience to not only bring a great service to the end user, but also help the integrator in offering more to the client in the way of options and maintenance, benefiting both the bottom line, and the relationship retention.


My Aim is not to be someone at the end of a phone or email. I want to meet you, your client and installed equipment in person. I want to be a member of the team and get involved, not be a distant unknown, unaccountable element.

Integrating third party equipment into Crestron control systems is what makes it so powerful. Being experienced in other coding languages means I can help guide in the do's and dont's.


In depth and highly detailed code that can be maintained easily and is given to the client after each project.



Relationships that are built to last. Honest, Consistent and Loyal are the three words most use to describe me.



I want you to keep giving me work. Not because your in house programmers are too busy, but because I can help you with that special project.



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